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Quienes somos

Espiritu libre is an anti-specist refugee for "farm considerate" animals who have been exploited, abused and abandoned. They need a second chance to leave and heal both physically and emotionally.

We are in Murcia because of the absence of a n appropiate space for these survivors in southeast Spain.

Our goal is to create and sustain a place that safeguards optimal life conditions for the most discriminated species, to raise awareness through their stories and spread arround the world that a different way to live is possible, with a more empathic and respectfull ethic.


We provide a home to animals that will live all their lives free and respected, safe from the anthropocentric speciesism stablished by out society. 

All the rescued lives will be treated in an individual way, according to their necessities and personality, living with another inhabitants of differents species and genders, forming a big family.

Our work helps to save lives, and them to change the world's perception about animals, understanding how they are when they are free, because is really different live in a cage than live free.

The 26th April of 2015 a truck full of 42 days old chicks overturns near to Albacete when going to the slaughterhouse. That day different organization activists work together to rescue about 80 chicks, 52 of those come under our guardship. Those babies were healed and sended to difeerents sanctuaries to enjoy the life they deserve.


Cómo empezamos

When we saw the impact of our deed we decided to start the project of an animal Sanctuary in Albacete and dedicate our lives to fight opression and abuse against the bad-considerated farm animals. There is where Espiritu Libre Santuary born, a project created with illusion, time, dedication and the wish to rise awareness about anti-speciesism through rescued animal stories about abuse and abandonment.

The Sanctuary is located at Murcia by the moment, as far as it was impossible to develop out role in Albacete. Up to now we saved more than 100 lives from a certain death.

We take care about the protection of 60 lives, and the maintenance of the 1 hectare land where we live.

At the same time, ass far as we don't get any kind of subsidy, to self fund the project we organize events such as soldary markets, vegan dinners, documentary film projetions, lectures, we attend to national events related to the animal rights movement etc. 

The collaboration is really important for the inhabitants future, meet the new rescues and do your bit, they are waiting you, they need you.



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