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You can support as while you establish an special link with one of the rescued lives in the Sanctuary

With 12€ each month you offer a good life to the animal you felt the connection with. A life full of happyness because of the love from someone  that in the same way as you wants to make the possible to provide them food, medical care, candies, toys, confortable and clean bed etc.

You will receive full information about your Sponsor: history before rescued, arrival to the Sanctuary, personality, medical condition and any news in his of her life.

Each year we schedule some days for sponsors, you will be able to meet your sponsor face to face and give him or her all the love the deserve and need.

You can help more than one inhabitant, like the elder ones, new rescues...


Take a look to the inhabitants section!

Sponsor registration FORM

Thank your for your registration!

We will contact you as soon as possible.

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