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The word anti-speciesism was coined by the psycologist Richard Ryder in 1970 about leaflets fighting about the inconsistency existing inside animal testing facilities. Even without defining the speciesism term explicitly, Ryder considered that the specisist person is who draw a strong moral difference between the human being and the other animals.

Anti-speciesist is, then, who deffend the basic rights of all sentient beings as well as don't draw any hierarchy of value between species lives, also known as "anthropocentric speciesism".

In short, Santuario Espíritu Libre wants to fight against discriminations that speciesism creates.

the anti-speciesist attitude is:
•Not to eat any product animal-based (plant-based diet)
•Consume non-tested in animals products.
•Buy clothes, footwear and accessories without animal products (there are lots of alternaatives: cotton, linen,synthetic fabrics...)
•Not to attend to any entertainment actitivty involving non-human animals (bullfighting, cyrcus, zoos, aquariums...)


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