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Santuario Espíritu Libre is a non-profit organitzation. All the income and donation are entirely dedicated to the animals living in the Sanctuary. The income are dedicated to food, medical care, surgeries, injuries and deseases, rescues, building and maintenance facilities...

In essence to improve the life standards and the lifespan of the inhabitants.
Our organitzation do not perceive any subsidy, so we need your help to be able to give to animals the conditions they deserve. Without your help unfortunately we can't continue makking dreams come true.

Apoya nuestra causa

¡Muchas gracias por tu granito de arena!


You can also make a donation to our TriodosBank's account :

TITULAR: Santuario Espíritu Libre

IBAN: ES10 1491 0001 2130 0010 3710


At Santuario Espíritu Libre we work to build a safe home to abused and mistreated animals. They will live in this new home full of love, empathy and respect, starting a new life where they will never feel again fear, pain or sadness. They will have a life full of cuddles and the attention according to their needs. To do it we need the support from people that, like you, think this is possible and trust our task.

If you want to collaborate and you ive far away from the Sanctuary you can support us economically. If we all make out bit, rising the awareness, we will build a better world for the animals and a home to live free, happy, loved, where each individual can live his or her own life.


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