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There is no such thing as "laying hen", just chichens that have a heavy reproductive disorder after a long genetic selection.

In the past, wild chickens laid about 12 eggs a year. Now they lay more than 300 eggs a year.


This chance produce serius health problems to the chickens, that reduce their standard of living, also they are less productive for the one who abuse them, that curiously is one of the perpetrators of their situation.

The most common problems include calcium deficiency,  impaction, prolapse, celomitis, cancer...

After lots of attempts in sanctuaries arround the world to save the lifes of chickens rescued in critical situations, we have a lot of clues that attempts like sterilization are not useful to stop the laying of eggs.

Only hormonal implants are taking effect, preventinf for a certain time the laying.

The implant is called SUPRELORIN, it is dispensed in a subcutaneous way, the duration is arround 3 months, depending on the hormonal level of the chicken.


As a curious and heartbreaking fact, it has been proved that a chicken wit 2 to 4 years had ovulated the same ammount of times than a 50 years woman.

Imagen the hormone levels, physical deterioration and pain for her.

In addition, this similarity makes her the target for cancer research.

Egg from a Espiritu Libre's chicken

The implants has a prize arround 100 or 120€ each pair.

Every rescued chicken should have the implant, but is hard to do due to the high prize and the amount of chickens that usualy live in sanctuaries.


When you buy and use eggs, you are supporting the abuse, slavery and suffering of millions of chickens who have their beaks amputated to avoid them to fight because the stress caused by the small cages where they can't move. This alsgo avuid them to eat their eggs, because as opposed to the popular knowledge, they eat their own eggs.
When they born, male chicks are discarded, they are thrown alive into a shredder as far as they are useless to the industry. On the other hand female chicks are exploited to produce as much eggs as possible by altering the light cycle, changing their food etc. After 2 or 3 years they are sended to the slaughterhouse, because the laying frequency decrease, and then the process starts again...
After living with rescued chickens is for us really hard and hurting to post images about these things. But even if this is also hurting, we think that can show the abuse to chickens used to lay eggs.

igualdad_animal (1).jpg

Animal Equality picture

There is no such thing as organic eggs nor happy chickens. 

All them experience pain, suffering, abuse and death if they lay eggs.

Please, don't contribute with the industry that kills the chickens, they are not objects.
What for you is simply a pleasant moment, for chickens is a death sentence.


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